How to start a successful ASMR channel, how to make it visible on ASMR Online Network

By Ed 19 Aug 2018, 5:22pm

Today internet publicity is a main key to success. If your voice is heard for as many people as possible, your chances to succeed are higher. If you are in “ASMR business” for some time, you already know, that it is very important to do everything right. The way to grow your community and supporters should be fun, at the same time you should get a real and constant progress.

How to start a successful ASMR channel, how to make it visible on ASMR Online Network

YouTube is a platform for everyone, it is not customized for the ASMR-related content only. ASMRtists desperately need more support, but YouTube can’t give it. ASMR Online Network (or ASMRON) is here for that reason. If you are channel’s author or you want to create one, you could use our website for your visibility. Our website tracks a lot of ASMR YouTube channels. When you publish a new video to YouTube it instantly becomes visible in our website. We grow ASMR community, so every new visitor can be your channel’s visitor too. We constantly adding tools such as payment buttons and others to help your channel grow. For a start the only one and most important thing is to be tracked in our website and for that you only need some changes in your YouTube channel.

How to do that? Well, to succeed you need to follow these steps:

Choose the right YouTube channel’s name and write a decent description

Our platform algorithms are searching only those YouTube channels, who has ASMR keywords in the channel’s title OR in the description. We recommend to add “ASMR” keyword in both. This will not only make your channel visible on, but it will gain more visibility in the YouTube search results as well. Remember, without ASMR keyword your channel will stay below those who did not forget to add it. In long run it does matter how good content you are publishing on the YouTube, but everytime keywords are most important to users to find it. Think about it every time when you create a new video. Ask yourself: “Am I going to find my video with just a few keywords in the YouTube search bar? What keywords should explain my video content the most? Will users who typed those keywords be happy with the video they watch?” Maybe description is not clear, not specific enough, does it match your video content? And finally, it can be situations, that some channels speak about ASMR, but they not mainly interested to create ASMR content. They only share some news about ASMR topics or events. Because it was shared not from ASMR specific channel, YouTube separates that content from the whole ASMR keyword search and this content gets less attention. This separation exists in YouTube for quite a while. The same principle we use in our website too. We aggregate only channels with ‘ASMR’ in their channel’s title and inside the description. Period.

Spend more time analysing your video content

Show your passion to what you do. Interesting and creative content is a king for channel’s growth and what you publish will definitely determine your success. You need to get a vision about your channel in short and long term. Does it have a direction? There are thousands of videos with simple triggers, for example it is not possible to become a successful YouTuber just by adding ‘a new tapping’ video. You need to be unique in order to compete. Write a plan on the paper what content you want to create and follow it. Be consistent and add videos regularly. Video watch count and likes will tell what videos are interesting to your users and it will help you to shape your content to serve users better. Your precise work will give benefits in the future. Video description matters as well. Put detailed information about triggers, about the video content itself. Watch and listen your videos carefully, you will see how many mistakes or audio noise you will find on your records. Your videos are created to calm viewers, so get rid of unexpected sounds or visual artifacts.

Be visible

Without attractive thumbnail and interesting title it is hard to get visitors to your channel. First impression really matters. You need to stand out in the video list. It is like with candies in the sweet shop. No matter how tasty a candy is, if it is unknown to a customer, then only a package or the design of the candy sells. Think about users, what they want to see on the thumbnail picture, what they would like to read on the title. You can put few words in the thumbnail image if you want. It will drive attention. Learn from other successful authors how to write the title. Don’t forget to put main trigger you use in the title as well. Describe your content clearly at the same time try to intrigue. Use analytics for future titles. Learn from your statistics, what users want to watch in your channel. Create sequels of your favourite videos.

Improve ASMR techniques

This is a separate step, because it is most important for ASMR channel. We believe, that you can sense ASMR. Without it your channel would be like silent black and white cinema nowadays. I can’t imagine ASMRtist without capability to sense ASMR. So if you experience ASMR, you should learn how to create ASMR and do it as best as you can. It is like juggling, you need to do it right, to perform. If you do it wrong you will not create ASMR but only noise. Calm hand movements, soft speaking and combinations of other triggers should be written in your ASMR records book. Track records, ask users if they like your triggers and what they dislike. Learn from it, don’t stop with ‘bad triggers’, learn to do those right. There can be easy fixes such as different microphone recording level, etc. Train your voice, it is not easy to create inaudible videos. Experiment with things, listen and watch your videos if you can. Trial and error method will help you create useful techniques. The better the technique, the better the result and videos will be.

Create your identity

Those days are gone when upload the video was enough to get users into the channel. Choose any topic and you will find a lot of videos about it. Even if you have constant users it is not enough just to ‘bake’ ASMR videos. We are overfilled with low quality ASMR crap. We can rely now only on top ASMRtists to get worth-to-watch content. But you can change that. The key for success is uniqueness. Look to successful channels and you will find why and how they are unique (Dr. T ASMR for example). Learn from what they do differently. Ask yourself why do you like one ASMRtist more than the other. Try something new in every video and ask your users to leave an opinion what they think about your new feature or new aspect of your content. Read comments and try to focus on what your community wants to see, what they see in you. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine, the difference between who other people think you are, and who you believe you are. By reading comments you will find what is unique about you, what are qualities and drawbacks. Soon you will find the right way of creating content and your community will grow faster. And please, don’t copy others material and don’t public it as your own. We will ban your channel from our system and we won’t crawl your content. We will investigate every claim seriously. It is not so hard as you may think to be original. Show some effort like other channels do and you will succeed!

Invest your time and money into the creation process

Your gear, your consistency and your ability to be creative tells everything about your channel. You can describe successful artist by that only. Video done without preparation with crappy camera and cheap microphone will ruin your channel. Invest your time to learn more about lights in the environment you shoot your videos. Practice your speech. Learn about productivity. Learn always something new to grow yourself. Invest some money to your gear. New hardware and software will help you to make better quality videos. ASMRtists work with sound, so priority should be buying decent microphone. There are low quality sound ASMR lovers in the world, but the main part of people are looking for superb quality audio.

Be social and help others

Don’t forget to speak with your community, find new ways to attract people to your channel. Answer to the questions in comments section. Follow reddit ASMR communities, chat about interesting topics. Be visible in social platforms and share information about you and your channel. It is time consuming process, but it will help to create new relations. You will get help back when you need it, if only you will help others. Help ASMRtists by subscribing their channel, by spreading the word or by making videos together. In our incubator section there are a lot of new content creators, they need your help too.

Be kind and polite

We are serious about the content, we think you are too. We have a sense of humor, but at the same time we are not joking in terms of religion, sexuality and rase. Be a responsible person, be free in what you do, but respect others! World loves you, but it loves others too, keep that in mind.

Follow our news more often, read recommendations, tutorials, get affiliate offers!

You need to evolve and you already know that. Just by creating videos you will not reach bigger audience as fast as you want. Learn how to grow faster from our sources. Use our tools, put more effort into the creation process. Be professional and behave as a professional.

We will cover these steps in much detailed articles in the near future, so stay tuned.

We wish you positive energy!

Good luck!

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